With the increased need for home and garden support from insurance agencies, including NDIS and home support for aged-care, a small company based in Melbourne and Brisbane have grown and adapted to provide a more flexible support.

Cherubs in the Home started in Melbourne in 2005 as ‘Home help for busy people’. Helping others has been at the heart of Cherubs in the Home since the beginning, and this focus has continued and strengthened since new ownership started operating Melbourne in 2018.

Within just a matter of years, this small company has proudly won the Enablement Awards 2023 for the most outstanding provider of household services to people living with a disability in Australia, and are also NDIS Registered Providers. Cherubs in the Home say they believe that everyone deserves a safe, clean and inspiring home that allows clients to be at their best, while also understanding that every home is as unique as the people that live in it. So, home and garden services should be tailored to suit needs.

As outlined in the Home Care Packages Program Data Report from the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care, some 227,209 people had access to an HCP as of March 2022, up 24 per cent on a year earlier, with demand for home care services projected to continue to grow.

As baby boomers reach retirement and life expectancy continues to increase, demand for home support will only grow. It’s businesses like Cherubs in the Home who are ready to service needs in the home and in the garden to ensure all who require support have a safe, clean and inspiring home to help them be the best they can be.

Speak to the team at Cherubs in the Home yourself at the Care Expo Melbourne by visiting their site P305.