Introducing Mobile Dental Clinics Australia (MDCA), a renowned Australian-owned family business dedicated to delivering exceptional mobile emergency and general dental services, along with laboratory solutions, across the nation.

Founded in 2015 by Caitlin Wainrib, MDCA was born out of her heartfelt commitment to addressing the dental care needs of those with limited access to traditional dental clinics. Since its inception, MDCA has been a driving force in ensuring that comprehensive dental solutions are made accessible to everyone, irrespective of their location or circumstances.

With the ability to adapt seamlessly to both mainstream and unconventional environments, Mobile Dental Clinics Australia offers unparalleled flexibility in delivering top-notch dental services.

The remarkable dedication and quality of services provided by MDCA were recognised in 2022 when they won the prestigious Australian Small Business Champions Award for Dental Services. The accolades did not stop there as MDCA also emerged as a finalist in the 2023 awards, further solidifying their position as industry leaders.

For a firsthand experience of their unique business model visit the team during the Care Expo Melbourne at site P436. Discover how they are reshaping the dental care landscape and making a positive impact on countless lives.