The Australian Carers Guide
The Australian Carers Guide is the country’s first and only publication created for unpaid primary carers for an ageing parent, spouse or elderly loved one. It is packed full of practical and helpful information to support and help carers along their journey.

Content, Contributors, Partners and Friends
Their content is aimed at improving the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial wellbeing of carers. Some of Australia’s most well-known and household names contribute to the publication, namely Ita Buttrose, Jean Kittson, Maggie Beer, Maree McCabe and Anika Wells. These experts provide unique insights, helpful perspectives and creative solutions to the most common challenges carers face.

Their friends and partners at Carers Australia who advocate for Carers Gateway, as well as OPAN, National Seniors, COTA (For older Australians), contribute to the publication by sharing their latest advocacy activities and how the new Aged Care Reforms are continuing to reshape the Aged Care sector. Each issue includes a comprehensive list of service providers who can offer practical hands-on assistance.

Have a laugh and relax!
For some “me time”, readers can flip to the “Fun & Games” pages to take some important time-out, away from their demands. This section is full of fun activities like puzzles, brain games, sudoku, word searches, crosswords and a new colouring competition. There is also the popular Recipe section headed by Maggie Beer with easy and delicious recipes to enjoy at home.

Where to get a copy
The Australian Carers Guide produces a new edition 4 times a year as separate guides for all 5 states (NSW/ACT, VIC/TAS, SA/NT, QLD and WA). For the many of you that prefer to read in print, you can pick up a copy at any newsagent across the country. You can also subscribe to their magazine on their homepage and have it delivered to your door. For instant reading, the digital guides can be downloaded for free from their website for instant reading.

Sit back and enjoy the Australian Carers Guide! For more information, visit them at site P337 during the Care Expo Melbourne.