Victoria’s Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme ensures eligible workers in the community services, contract cleaning and security industries can build up long service entitlements based on service to the industry as a whole, rather than years with a single employer.

The Portable Long Service Authority was created to administer the scheme.

Portable long service means workers accrue long service benefits for all their years in a single industry, rather than with a single employer.

It is ‘portable’ because it moves with workers through their years of employment. Under the scheme, employers register their workers, report their service each quarter and pay a levy based on that service, which is used to pay out long service at the appropriate time.

About 230,000 Victorian workers and nearly 2,900 Victorian employers are registered with the Authority.

Employers in the three industries pay a levy between 1.65% and 1.8% to fund the Scheme.

Workers should check if their employer is registered with the Scheme to ensure they are making payments on their behalf.

Employers should check if their business should be registered with the Authority.

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