Mind is one of the country’s leading community-managed specialist mental health and psychosocial disability service providers with a range of residential, mobile outreach, centre based and online services.

We provide recovery support to people who are experiencing significant difficulty in their lives due to the impact of their mental health challenges.

This includes helping people with the things that make them feel strong and healthy, such as being in control of their life, being resilient and participating in their community. We also work with people to address poverty, housing, education and employment.

We work hard to engage with families, friends and other carers to involve them in decisions about their loved one’s care, with the client’s consent. We also have support services specifically for carers. Call our Carer Helpline 1300 554 660 to find out more. (Your loved one does not have to be using a Mind service to access).

We advocate for basic human rights for everyone; constantly challenging the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental health issues.

In 2018, Mind helped launch the national Caring Fairly campaign that was directed by unpaid carers, along with specialist organisations and peak bodies that support and advocate for their rights. Find out more about our work with Carers and other carer related resources here.

Mind Connect: 1300 286 463

Mind Carer Helpline: 1300 554 600

Email: mindconnect@mindaustralia.org.au

Website: www.mindaustralia.org.au