Bethel Funerals is a unique provider of care for grieving families in Melbourne.

As a not-for-profit Funeral Home we have been able to give away over $3.9 million to support mission work, humanitarian causes, and disadvantaged communities.

Each family cared for by Bethel Funerals has the opportunity to choose where part of the Funeral Service profits are invested, honouring their loved one with a legacy that leaves behind more than memories, a legacy that will live on and bring hope for the future for those in need.

Financial contributions are made within three areas; Mission, Community and Humanitarian works. We support mission organisations that implement health, literacy and translation programs in Australia and overseas. We join forces with accredited humanitarian aid agencies to help advance the quality of child education and improve health and wellbeing of underprivileged families around the world. Close to home, we contribute to programs that provide meals, coaching, counselling and mentoring support to disadvantaged groups in the local community

Recognising that every life is different we work with each family to craft events and services that honour and reflect their loved one. We provide professional care, support and advice through each step in the process. More than just walking families through the Funeral Service itself we understand individual grief needs are larger than just a single event, with this in mind we seek to care for each family beyond the Funeral, following up to provide and support and care where necessary.

Bethel Funerals (03) 9873 8866